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Sleeposium 2021

Holders of the Child Sleep Institute Sleeposium2021 Badge participated in the Sleeposium2021 Pediatric Sleep Conference and/or the post-conference training program. This conference provided advanced training for Sleep Consultants, Doulas, and Perinatal & Childcare Professionals. It included over 20 hours of content from 10 speakers on a variety of topics including: Mother/infant sleep dyad Maternal depression/PTSD and sleep Brain development and sleep Medical issues that impact sleep Parasomnias and sleep disorders Environmental strategies for a restful night Holistic Sleep for Twins/Multiples Reflux as a Symptom Temperament

The Lullaby Trust:: SIDS & Safer Sleep + Understanding Grief & Providing Effective Support (May 2021)

​The Lullaby Trust raises awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), provides expert advice on safer sleep for babies and offers emotional support for bereaved families

IPSA2021 Course: Year in Review: Update on Pediatric Sleep Research

Sleep in infancy and early childhood - Dawn Elder (New Zealand) Sleep problems in adolescence - Michael Gradisar (Australia) New research into the causes and consequences of childhood OSA - Albert Li (Hong Kong) Surgical treatment of childhood OSA -Stacey Ishman (United States) Sleep in children with disabilities- Catherine Hill (United Kingdom) Updated on pediatric narcolepsy -Giuseppe Plazzi (Italy)

Sleeposium 2020

Holders of the Child Sleep Institute Sleeposium2020 Badge participated in the Sleeposium2020 Pediatric Sleep Conference. This conference provided advanced training for Sleep Consultants, Doulas, and Perinatal & Childcare Professionals. It included over 20 hours of content from 10 speakers on a variety of topics including: Pediatric Sleep Biology Attachment and Sleep Supporting Parents at Night Supporting Breastfeeding Families Adult Sleep Basics Child anxiety, nighttime fears, and supporting separation at bedtime

​Gold Learning Infant Sleep Symposium 2020

5 hours of content from 5 speakers on a variety of topics including: How to Improve sleep by tapping into calm Collaborative approaches to educating families on prenatal sleep Babies in Boxes Nighttime parenting with multiple infants Bedsharing & breastfeeding: evidence and recommendations

FENS 2020: Sleep Across the Lifespan ​

4 hours of content from 12 speakers on a variety of topics including: Sleep in Infants - Helen Ball (Durham) Sleep, memory, language learning and cognitive development in children - Anna Weighall (Sheffield) Sleep quality and prevalence of sleep-disordered breathing in children and young people with epilepsy - Don Urquhart (Edinburgh) Adolescent sleep and social media - Heather Cleland Woods (Glasgow) Cognitive Neuroscience of Sleep - Simon Durrant (Lincoln) New Sleep Circuitries - William Wisden (Imperial) Sleep and Cognition - Pierre-Herve Luppi (Lyon) Sleep and Consolidation of Memory - Lisa Genzel (Netherlands) REM sleep in the context of stress and neurodegeneration - Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer (Surrey) Sleep in Aging and dementia - Derk-Jan Dijk (Surrey) Sleep-wake regulation and cognition in Alzheimer’s disease - Alpar Lazar (East Anglia) Sleep and cognitive aging in the eighth decade of life - Renata Riha (Edinburgh)

IPSA2021: Melatonin use in children: The promise and the peril

Update on the neurophysiology of melatonin in children and adolescents - Jonathan Lipton (United States) Safety of pharmacologic treatment with melatonin in children: What we know and do not know- Beth Malow (United States) Clinical trials of melatonin in children with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders: The latest evidence - Paul Gringras (United Kingdom) "Vitamin M": Melatonin use in the pediatric population - Judith Owens (United States) Evidence base on the efficacy/effectiveness of melatonin and development of consensus on the use of melatonin- Samuele Cortese (United Kingdom)

Aha! Parenting: Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Online Course

12 weeks of practical support and tools for peaceful parenting. Week 1 - Peaceful Parenting 101 Week 2 - Regulating Your Own Emotions Week 3 - Connecting with Your Child Week 4 - Parenting for Emotional Intelligence Week 5 - Discipline Week 6 - Preventive Maintenance Week 7 - Tips for the Transition to Peaceful Parenting Week 8 - Self-Care Week 9 - Mastery: Developing resilience, self-discipline and grit. Week 10 - Healing Your Triggers Week 11 - Siblings Week 12 - Putting it all together

Broken Sleep?: Insights into biology, culture and parenting in today's world. Online Conference June-October 2021

Conference held by Australian Lactation Management Associates Topics included: - Parent-infant sleep conflict: Consequences and potential solutions - Dr Helen Ball - Is it time for a new paradigm of infant sleep support? - Sarah Ockwell-Smith - The sleepless orchid: Understanding the link between high sensitivity and sleep problems - Tracy Cassels - The First 1000 days - Nathan Wallis - How the Cry-it-out sleep training method became authoritative knowledge - Dr Jennie Rosier - Sleep disordered breathing in babies and young children - Dr David McIntosh - Breastfeeding and new mothers' sleep: a unique australian time use study - Julie P Smith - the neonatal gut microbiome - Dr Vincent Ho - The unique infant brain and sleep - Dr Greer Kirschenbaum - Nightime parenting with multiple-birth infants and toddlers: Co-creating win-win sleep strategies - Karen Kerkhoff-Gromada - Supporting fathers mental helath in the transition to fatherhood - Levita d'Souza - Lactose inteolerance, colic, reflux and cow's milk protein allergy - Shel Banks - the neural basis of parental care and infant attachment in mammals - Kumi O Kuroda

My Training

BabyEm: Gentle Sleep Educator OCN 3/4

This training included: Sleep philosophies The Impacts of Sleep Understanding Sleep Cycles and Circadian Rhythm Normal Infant Sleep through the ages Sleep Challenges - Sleep Associations, Regressions, Naps, & Night Feeds Self-soothing & Controlled Crying Safe Sleep & Safe Co-sleeping Supporting Sleep Change Sleep Strategies Supporting Clients & Better Sleep for Adults Assessment & Evaluation Food & Sleep Why Sleep Habits Are Important Common Sleep Problems Review of Different Approaches to Sleep Coaching Infant Mental Health

Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant - Institue of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting

Approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, and led by sleep professional, Violet Giannone, the IPSP™ is a leader in pediatric sleep education. Some topics discussed in the program include: ° The Science of Sleep ° Valuable, Real-World Experience ° Infant & Toddler Sleep Basics ° Sleep training techniques ° Bumps in the road ° Creating customized sleep plans ° When to refer out

Associations & Memberships

International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

It is the IACSC’s goal, to bring together Child Sleep Consultants worldwide to share their knowledge, training, and support in this ever-growing industry. IACSC’s focus on continuing education allows our members to stay up to date on the latest research and help build on their knowledge base and educational training.

International Pediatric Sleep Association

The International Pediatric Sleep Association operates exclusively for scientific and educational purposes, and more specifically: To promote basic and applied research in all areas of sleep in infants, children, and adolescents. To promote teaching programs on pediatric sleep, and the coordination of these programs among individual members and societies To hold scientific meetings To provide information to the public about perspectives and applications of pediatric sleep research To increase the knowledge of pediatric sleep problems and their consequences To provide a forum for the exchange of information pertaining to pediatric sleep research To establish and maintain standards of reporting and classifying data in the field of pediatric sleep research